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Kelly Bowman, Acrylic

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I live, think, play, and am inspired by color. I cherish the colors of things in nature and surround myself with color. Along with color, I have always had a connection with animals, in particular, dogs and horses. It only made sense combining them to create happy, energetic, touching and telling portraits of animals.

When I look at animals, I can see colors that I want to paint them with to come alive in an energetic spirit.

Kelly Bowman is a self-taught artist who grew up in the art colony town of Laguna Beach. She later moved to Taos, New Mexico and appreciated the art influence and the Western lifestyle and now resides in Phoenix, AZ.

Living in Arizona has given her a deeper appreciation for the colors and influence of the Southwest. Her inspiration for paintings comes from her love for animals, the desert, and her experience of the Southwestern lifestyle.


She lives with her husband, daughter, two golden retrievers, 2 Arabian horses and whatever animal wanders into the ranch house.

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