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Kristin Kleyer Mangum
  Fiber Mixed Media   

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Kristin creates her artworks with hand selected pure materials from all over the world, collected while extensively traveling, living & studying internationally.


Throughout her formal art education & as an art educator & artist she has acquired the traditional techniques & mediums that she unifies into her mixed media sculptures.


Creating with fibers, ceramics, woods, metals or upcycling gathered materials, she emphasizes the natural beauty in each, when brought together, they grow into a powerful piece of art.


Her sculptures are natural, earthy, organic forms, meant to flow & easily be sat or hung in any shape or designed space.  Standing strong alone or beautifully uniting with others.


Kristin’s work evokes the senses, expresses the evolution of her life experiences & a love of nature.  Helping one to connect back, make a statement & display a piece of the world with art made to be felt.

For a complete viewing of my art go to -

IG- @ kkartista

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