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Leslie Kiefus

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A careful consideration of how everything works - from electronics to economics,
from medicine to machines - has long been Leslie’s focus. After a career as a
Biomedical Engineer and time well spent as a parent, she continues to engage with
this lifelong curiosity, but now on her own terms as an artist.
After taking a ceramics class in 2010, Leslie was hooked. Clay is a wonderful
medium: forgiving, therapeutic, and magically transformed by heat and glaze.
Each of her pieces is comprised of several parts, and final assembly is often
challenging. Leslie finds the entire process, from working with raw clay to
installing finished pieces in customers’ homes, to be totally fulfilling and more
than a bit addictive!
Leslie is a longtime resident of Scottdale, and when not traveling with her family,
is pretty much always thinking about creating with clay.

LK Iris FHAG.jpeg
LK Bendies FHAG.jpeg
LK Carnation FHAG.jpeg
LK TushieLadies FHAG.jpeg
LK Cactus FHAG.jpeg
LK Anemone FHAG.jpeg
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