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Lynn Thrower




Lynn took a very circuitous route in becoming an artist.  With a Spanish Literature degree and Masters in Business, she’s had a long and successful career in Finance and Accounting.  Lynn's career often required international travel.  Traveling extensively in Latin countries and living in the Caribbean and Spain, she was exposed to the vibrant colors of those regions and had the opportunity to observe various art and design styles.  Combining color into the flow of design is what she thrives on.  


Lynn has moved extensively and spent many years in the Southwest; most recently moving to Carefree, Arizona.  The affinity for using skulls in interior design sparked the idea of combining her passion for colors and textures to bring additional “life” and interest to these skulls.  This passion is displayed in the unique designs you see in each and every one of her skulls.  Lynn's inspiration comes from many things.  It may be the landscape, sunsets, stones, textiles, fashion or interior design: anything  and everything in the environment surrounding us.  


Gem & Bone Skulls fit in well with all office and home decors.  Whether your design style is contemporary, eclectic or rustic, these skulls have a place in your home or office.

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Golden Gypsy IMG-9308.jpg
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