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Christopher Heede, Ceramics

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I am always experimenting with techniques, materials, and form to create unique, ceramic artwork that comes from my soul and have worked with clay for more than 33 years. I hope you find something you think is beautiful.

My work is inspired by nature, especially the Arizona Sono
ran Desert, with its expansive sky, dramatic monsoon storms, and the variety of life. I enjoy abstraction and want you to discover something new each time you enjoy my work.


The raku process involves an ancient Japanese technique. The piece is fired in a kiln to 1900 degrees Fahrenheit. The kiln is raised with a wench, exposing the piece which is then lifted up with metal tongs and gently placed in a nest of hay. The hay ignites and the flame flashes the glazes and clay. The piece is then covered with a barrel to extinguish the fire and doused with water. The next day, the piece is washed off and it is always a surprise to see how it comes out.


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