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Mike Isenberg, Photography

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MIchael D. Isenberg.jpg

After 30 years of creating fine art photography, the most important lesson I learned was to follow my creative urges wherever they took me. Doing so has lead me on many wonderful creative adventures.


Several years ago I experimented with and then converted totally to digital photography, and simultaneously enjoyed an intense exposure to modern painting on a European vacation. I was enthralled with the impressionists and post-impressionists and began asking myself if I could use my photographs to create such imagery.


I am not a painter by training or in temperament, but I can see and feel, and seven years ago I began to try and answer that question.


I loved the mixing of bold strokes and colors, as well the feeling of light these painters were able to achieve, and used them as my starting point.

Since 2000, this exploration has been consuming and I feel that I have successfully created my own style and been able to get the ideas and vision I had in my head onto a sheet of paper. This project has been the most exciting and satisfying creative adventure I have ever undertaken. I hope you experience as much pleasure and joy viewing the work as I have had and will continue to have creating it.

Please visit  my site to view additional work as this exploration continues I add it to the gallery.



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