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Jim Varner - Digital Art


My name is JB Varner and I am a photographic artist.  My favorite subjects are found in nature; everything from unique landscapes, animals, flowers and engaging macros (bugs!).  As an avid hiker, I have carried a camera (35mm, 4x5 large format, or digital) and a tripod on outings since the mid 70’s (lots of miles!)  My favorite imagery usually comes from adventures and hiking trips where I find unique perspectives of landscapes and intimate scenes off the beaten path.  A few years ago I retired my 4x5 inch view camera (using single sheet film), and started using a digital camera.  Mounted on a tripod, I frequently take a series of 3-5 exposures that get combined later into a single High Dynamic Range (HDR) image.  This method captures detail in shadows and highlights that are not available to typical cameras.

Currently, I enjoy taking my photos through workflows (and several software programs) to generate a final image that combines photography and digital manipulation to yield a painterly or impressionist feel.  I call the altered photos DigiScapes, to differentiate them from straight photography.

A variety of techniques are used, including breaking images into layers and altering each layer before re-combining to a final image.  Often, an image will include sections from multiple photos before applying a specific workflow.  I especially love creating flowing new textures or using custom digital brushes to paint in new details or emphasize existing elements.  

I hope that my art entertains with an enchanting, sometimes impish view of nature. When I’m not working on the computer, I also enjoy my woodshop where I create artistic wood goods like charcuterie serving trays (inlayed with turquoise or Jacquard resin) and furniture made from mesquite, walnut or other hardwood. 

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