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Jane Nassano - Mixed Media

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From the time that I was 8 years old I knew that I would be an artist. There just wasn't any doubt, no second choice, no question. To create art, in whatever form it may be, is part of my purpose in this life. 


I have a bachelors degree in Fine Art with a specialization in Graphic Design from Arizona State University. So, I started my career as a graphic designer and eventually opened my own graphic design studio in Los Angeles.  About 10 years into it I had a change of heart and turned to fine art instead. I moved to the Island of Barbados in the West Indies with the intention of just painting pictures in a bungalow under a palm tree. I began working in soft pastel.  I ‘painted’ large scale, very realistic florals, nudes, landscapes, and portraits and exhibited my work in art shows and galleries across the country for the next 25 years, upon my return to the states.


However, as much as I loved working in pastel, once again I had a change of heart and began experimenting with mixed media monoprints where I would add bits and pieces of found objects.  This grew into an obsession for collecting found objects, old, rusty things that other people would throw away, things found in junk drawers, alleys in my neighborhood, thrift stores or just on the ground.  I began creating wall pieces and sculptures made entirely out of ‘junk’ and loving it!  My favorite thing is to make something beautiful out of stuff that would’ve ended up in a landfill somewhere if I hadn’t rescued it.  I get really excited when I find pieces of old broken metal, rusty bottlecaps, shards of colored glass or broken jewelry with which to create from.  People sometimes give me bags of things they’re about to throw out and it feels like I just hit the jackpot, going through other people’s trash to find my own treasures amongst it.  I create a wide variety of pieces with an emphasis on crosses and angels, but also wall hangings, flowers,  creatures and more.

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