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Margarete Sanchez Ripps - Ceramics


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Margarete cannot remember a time in her life without art in it. After leaving an eight-year career in advertising, she enrolled in a ceramics class at the University of Houston and immediately fell in love with working in clay. She then pursued a full-time career as a ceramic artist selling her work at art festivals and galleries. Then in 2005, she opened a gallery in Houston, Texas selling her work as well as works by artists throughout the U.S.


Then in 2011, she closed the gallery to resume working full time in ceramics and moved to land that brought her the most inspiration and fulfillment, Arizona, a state she and her husband had visited many times. Inspiration for her work in clay comes from the beauty, grandeur and mysteries of the Southwestern landscape with its monuments, arches, canyons and mesas.


All her work incorporates clay coils, which are individually hand-rolled and manipulated to create the various textures, shapes and colors of the southwestern landscapes.



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