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Gloria M. Sanchez,Mixed Media

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Since childhood I’ve been involved in one form of art or another.

My great grandmother taught me to make doll clothing. I enjoyed this so much that when I ran out of dolls, my cousin (David) would help me catch lizards & mice so I could dress them.


From my grandmother I learned to design and sew for others and myself. This came in handy when I worked at “Suzy Creamcheese”, a boutique that catered to celebrities and socialites. I designed and custom made many things while working there, such as;  costume jewelry, masks, evening wear, wedding dresses, hats for the Kentucky Derby, and much more.


Anything that glitters and sparkles has always caught my eye! In 1980 I discovered Swarovski crystals and have used them for everything

from wood inlays to the art work I create now.

I love the idea of creating art with diminution. Mixed Media and fantasy gives me the opportunity to do that.

“The world of reality has its limits;

The world of imagination is boundless”

Jean Jacques Rousseau

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