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Carrie Godwin - Watercolor

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I paint with the passion of the mystery of Watercolor.  I love the magical blend of the pigments and water in my subjects which vary.  I am very intrigued by color theory and that ties into my original backround of Fine Art and Commercial Photography. This background has helped me with my painting and understanding color and light, which is what watercolor is all about.  My can work range from landscape, abstract, animals and a bit of collage/mixed media added to the watercolor paintings at times.  Each painting in its process is always changing, I can begin with a plan but it tends to amaze me with a new direction which is the surprise of creativity. I’ve learned, I have to listen to that and go for it. 

My techniques are what I want to draw to the viewer to and for them to feel and wonder what and how.  Using alot of water and staying loose is my stlye for creating many soft layers, this creates the magic of colors created. I work with my photos of the subject and my visual memories of the moment. Many times, I just go right to paint with an idea that is in my head and go from there. For the starting a painting,  I get light layer/washes on and then I start patiently building up the layers.  This is where you see the blend of colors creating the transparency. Paying attention to how the paper dries is very key to adding details, then revising some layers to work with the details until I feel the work reflects my vision. 

Ultimately, I want my work to make people feel a connection with a piece either from a memory, energy or calm sense.  

Art is to speaks to you, bringing a feeling. 

My family and I proudly moved to Fountian Hills in 2022,  but are orginally from the midwest. I am a member of the Fountain Hills Art League, Arizona Watercolor Association, Sante Fe Art Therapy, Veteran Life-Art for Veterans Supporter, St. Judes Art for Kids.

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