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Lynn Gustafson - Glass

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I believe art enhances our lives; it’s not only the viewing, but the creating of art that feeds the soul.


Art comes in many forms; my chosen medium is glass. I took my first stained glass class in 2000 and still do a piece from time to time. In 2002 I started working in warm glass (fusing & bead making) and that has become my passion. Fused glass allows me to make functional and sculptural art.


I divide my time between creating glass art in my home studio and managing a family business. My life is full of wonderful people, and wonderful experiences, and overlaying all of it is my art, bringing everything into sharper focus.

My work has been displayed at Artistry Glass Studios in Tempe, AZ, The Farm at South Mountain and Jack of Arts in Safford, AZ, I am also a member of the Fountain Hills Artist Gallery, as well as On The Edge Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ.

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