Jeanie Thorn, Jewelry

I began my art education at Boston University School of Fine Arts, eventually finding my way west where I graduated from the College of Architectural and Environmental Design at Arizona State University.

After I graduated I learned to weld and began designing and fabricating steel wall art. I really enjoyed school especially the history of design and design theory classes. Concepts like the golden mean as an organizing principle and modernism to keep things simple inform my work even today. But the biggest influence has been the desert southwest. Hikes into the Arizona mountains allow me time to clear my mind and connect with the sights, sounds, colors and textures of my surroundings which supply endless inspiration. I often return with seed pods and stones that I add to my growing collection and that sometimes find their way into my art.

Transitioning from designing and making wall art to wearable art is not that much of a stretch. The idea of ornament that you would hang on your wall as well as your body is very similar. They both attempt at generating meaning in our environment and at making a statement about our personal aesthetic.

My jewelry is one-of-a-kind, using fine and sterling silver, copper, leather, natural stones, wood, clay, antique and ethnic embellishments. I hand forge, form and patina the metal. Nothing is massed produced and I believe in local and sustainable design. It is by using both natural and found objects combined with architecturally inspired arrangements that I hope to create a distinct and identifiable look for the wearer.

The common thread that runs through all my work is my love of and interest in connections and composition and the belief that the beauty of things hand made is found in the creative process. The marks of fabrication, of material being shaped and textured, are what add uniqueness and authenticity to the work. They are the fingerprints of the artist.


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