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Jim Rapisarda - Copper Art

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2023 finished picture.jpeg

My early artwork reflected my roots on Long Island, New York, where I lived until 1981.  There I painted seascapes and lighthouses on stone and driftwood with oil and acrylic. 

Moving to Arizona, the copper state, took my artistic inspiration in a different direction.  My new surroundings inspired my creativity and the medium I use now.  Using copper has enabled me to capture desert landscapes and abstract designs in a unique way.  Using a technique I developed while painting on stone, has enabled me to embellish copper in a most interesting and exciting way.

In addition to its daily use in construction and technology, copper has unique properties that, as an artist, I decided to explore.  I applied heat to copper using a torch, resulting in patterns and colors that are always unique.  No two pieces of copper react the same way.  The torch has become my brush and the copper my canvas.  The torch releases one-of-a-kind designs that I always find fascinating.    



    Shemer Art Center

    Artists of Scottsdale Ranch

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