Linda Lawence, Jewelry

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I am a designer and artist of Japanese inspired jewelry.  Keeping to the Japanese esthetic I create pieces of beauty through the simplicity of design.   I use the ancient Japanese braiding technique called Kumihimo (pronounced, Ku-me-he-mo), combined with modern materials to create braided jewelry that is both unique and timeless.   

I work on a Marudai (mar-a-di), the traditional Japanese braiding stand.  The repetitive braiding movements, and the sounds of the wooden bobbins hitting against the legs of the stand becomes a form of meditation and focused relaxation.  

The challenge of working with such a colorful array of beads and materials is what keeps the creation process interesting. I’m obsessed with color and texture and will often create a bead soup of dozens of different beads, gemstones and pearls to use in a piece of jewelry.  I also enjoy creating ombre effects where one color of bead blends seamlessly into another. 

I am forever expanding my skills, taking six master classes with respected Kumihimo jewelry artist, Adrienne Gaskell, and in 2015 traveled to Japan to study with Japanese master, Makiko Tada, at the Kyoto Institute.

Linda Lawrence