Chris Demma, Oil Painter

Arizona native Chris Demma’s oil paintings invite you the experience the rugged yet evocative beauty of the Sonoran desert landscape. Her contemporary Southwestern works are creative expressions of the exotic botanicals, light, and atmospheric of this singular place.


Demma, working from personal photos, searches for unique patterns, colors and shapes then translates her images into intuitive impressions that she shares with us through her oil paintings. She describes her purpose: “My primary passion is inspiring people to partake in the mystery and wonder of the Sonoran Desert."

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endurance 2  6.15.21
survival 2  6.15.21
Determination 2   6.15.21
red aloe aglow  6.15.21
midnight in paradise II (3)
Midnight in Paradise I
midnight in Paradise III
Saguaro Buds Abound
ageing saguaro w hole
Juicy Fruit II
vein beauty
pink jubilee III   10.15.17
HooDoo Canyon - Copy
pretty in Pink II
Agave garden
golden prickley
Silhouette of the Century_600_597
nesting Saguaro_599_600