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 Mark Richardson - Glass Art 

Mountain Ridge

I have always had a fascination with glass and its many uses. We all spend our lives interacting with this incredible substance and yet many people rarely think of it as something unique. For decades I have been creating clocks and other artworks from glass for clients around the world, and each of my pieces is a unique, high quality creation. My fused glass wall clocks, coasters and night lights are made with great care and attention to detail. I love designing and crafting each piece, and I give as much care to the technical aspects of glass creation as to artistic design. These are one of a kind functional artworks which you will enjoy for many, many years to come!


Click photos for full size

Desert Scene
Night Lights
Blue Moon
Blue Pony
Blue Northern
New Mexico Sun
Crystal Creek
Large Deco Pendulum
Wildflower Pendulum
Dakota War Shield
The Wave
Deco Fusion Pendulum
Brittlebush and Cactus
Painted Desert
Tiffany Pendulum Glass Wall Clock
Dino Fossli
Arizona Sun Fused Glass Wall Clock
Thunderbird Sun Shield
The Last Dance
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