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Paulette Galop, Ceramics

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     Paulette Galop grew up in Michigan and had been drawing, painting, playing piano and taking ceramic classes through high school. She later attended University of Colorado for a fine arts degree. After college she became a member of a small arts co-op making ceramic functional ware. 

     Then adventure called!  She traveled extensively, started a family and entered a non art career. During the mid 2000's she had the opportunity to go back to school and renew her passion for ceramics. While revisiting functional ceramics she found that was not in her heart any longer. Paulette then signed up for a hand building sculpture class which opened up a whole new world of ceramics. 


      She started experimenting with large sculptural forms and discovered a renewed passion and excitement. The technical challenges and unexpected surprises that came along were very rewarding.

    An active outdoors woman, Paulette loves hiking in the mountains, riding her Clydesdales on desert trails and diving in the ocean; all of which provided inspiration for her large sculptures. Her work reflects her passion and connection to nature, with its extensive colors, textures, and unique forms.

    Paulette has been active in the arts community many years. She has shown her work in numerous studio tours including the juried ASU Ceramic Research Center Studio tour, and juried Hidden in the Hills studio tour. She has had multiple gallery shows and has won several jurors awards. Her work was also published in the National Emerging Artists catalog of 2013. Paulette is also active in her community by donating work and volunteering  for the last 10 years. She now resides in the sleepy town of Cave Creek, Arizona, working with her Clydesdales and creating sculptural art. 


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