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Nancey Grahlmann,Glass & Encaustic

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Life couldn’t be more conducive for the work of humorist writer/cartoonist Nancy George-Grahlmann. With four kids, a ladder climbing executive husband and many new locations, she often wonders how there was any time left to create. Somehow, the chaos was only fodder for her work. Grahlmann’s work has appeared in publications such as Today’s Woman Magazine, The Lutheran Quarterly, Gwinnett Daily News as well as published hard cover books and various assignments.

At the age of forty, self taught cartoonist who signs her work By George, applied to the Art Institute of Atlanta. While her own children were college bound, this Mom was also beginning a new career in Animation and Visual Communication. Her work began to flourish. while her relocations and new adventures continued, she also continued to grow and create.

While living in Little Rock, Arkansas, Grahlmann discovered the art of glass fusing. Glass fusing is the process of working with glass and fusing it in a kiln. “I believe I have found my medium,” she says enthusiastically. Little Rock Arkansas offered many new experiences in living the creative life. It is also the place where she learned the process of encaustic painting, an art that dates back in ancient times to the Trojan ships that were sealed with pigmented wax to make them watertight.

Today in her thirteenth (and last) location, husband on the brink of retirement, retirement is the last thing on this artists mind. “Now it’s my time, “ she states, and it's only the beginning.

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