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Rick Fitch, Pottery

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A native of Arizona, Rick Fitch received his Bachelor of Arts in Art Education from the College of Education at Arizona State University. He has continued to take graduate classes toward a Masters degree in Fine Arts at ASU, and has participated in workshops from several potters who are nationally recognized. Following graduation, Rick was an instructor of ceramics and jewelry at the high school level for several years.


Rick and his family still reside in Arizona where he is now fully committed to his career as a studio potter. Rick's pottery captures the style, beauty and colors of the southwest. He is intrigued with shaping, designing and decorating the functional pottery he produces.


The ceramic artwork Rick produces is both wheel-thrown and hand built, ranging from intimate dinnerware sets and serving pieces to commissioned decorative creations. He pays particular attention to the form and function of his ceramic artwork so as to present his clients with a product that is aesthetically pleasing.


Rick travels the Southwestern states participating in juried art exhibitions. His work has won numerous awards and is included in many galleries and gift shops throughout the United States and some foreign countries.




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