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Marie Picchiotti - Mosaic Artist

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Art has always been a part of my personal journey in some shape or form.  I taught high school computer graphics and painting for over a decade in the midwest.  A move to the Phoenix area led to a job as Creative Director in the bar and restaurant industry.  Eventually, I moved to the community of Fountain Hills.  Living here has been an inspiration for me and it ultimately led me to leave the corporate world and pursue a career as a mosaic artist.


My love for mosaic art started 10 years ago with a visit to New Mexico.  Every single little shop had colorful crosses made of mosaic glass and ceramic tile. I decided to make one myself.  But three times the size!  It took months to complete and I was completely hooked. Many of my pieces continue to be large in scale. 


Yes, I do cut myself and quite often!  It is the number one question I get asked. Glass mosaic is a medium that takes a lot of time and effort to create a single piece. It is forgiving, yet stubborn. Fragile yet permanent. So permanent that If I don’t like an area after grouting I have to chisel it out. It has made me examine my choices much more carefully.


My subject matter is inspired by the southwest. I’m also inspired by the shapes, textures and colors of the actual sheets of glass that I use. Sometimes a single sheet of marbled glass can lead me down a path that inspires my next design. There’s something mystical about taking broken glass and assembling it to reflect beauty and light, and I’m grateful to be on this journey of discovery.


Thanks for visiting. 

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