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Jenny Willigrod, Pastel

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My artwork has been labeled “Southwest Whimsical” as I love bright, bold colors and my subjects are images from scenes of the Southwest and Mexico. In this area of the world, the land can be harsh and the desert can be a muted pallet of browns and grays. It never fails that amidst all of the dullness, a bright spot of color exists. I am inspired by these burst of colors in our landscapes such as in the brilliance of a bright pink cactus blossom or a shimmering adobe wall under the desert sky.  


All of my pieces are created with pastels on black paper. Pastels are a great medium for my work for they allow me to achieve the bright and bold colors I desire. All pastels need to be framed and kept under a glass as they will smear. I do use a fixative on my pieces, but just very lightly.

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