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Interview with Artist Chris Demma

Updated: Mar 28

What do you do to help keep the arts alive in schools or share your talented via teaching?

I teach workshops to adults- 8 workshops per yr.

What was your first job in the arts?

My first job in the arts was joining the fountain Hills Artists gallery. I have been a member for 13 years  I have been painting over 25 years.

What subject matter makes you're nervous or you’d like improvement on to grow your art skills?

I’d like to improve in many areas of oil painting, that’s why I consider myself an emerging artist  I am constantly reading and reviewing art theory articles and admiring artwork from artists I  admire; current and past.

As a child when did you know you had a creative bug. If so, were your parents supportive of you taking on an art career full or part-time?

I was hooked on painting when I received my first paint by number oil painting of the Last Supper  when I was  7 or 8 at Christmas. I was hooked and sat there painting it till it was done.  The painting was   a 9 x 12” size and it took some time to paint all those small spaces I love seeing how the picture evolved and still enjoy that feeling today.

What drives you nuts about being an artists that most people don’t understand?

Not having enough time in the day to paint and also not having a specified room to call a studio.  I currently paint in my kitchen area when the kitchen table sits.  The good part of this area is the great lighting.

What is your most expensive tool, piece of equipment, or paint tube etc ?

I love my easel.  It is the most expensive  piece of equipment.  All the cadmium oil paints are the most expensive.

What non-creative career could you see yourself doing?

What is your favorite museum?

My education is in Teaching and a mastered in Instructional Technology- writing and evaluating training material.  I don’t have 1 favorite museum, but top on my list would be The Barns Museum, Peggy Guggenheim – Venice,  Museum D’ Orsay, MET, Prada, National Museum – DC, Hermitage – just love this one.  My  favorite thing to do on any trip is to see as much art in museum or other as possible. I feel  my mind gets filled with  wonder and admiration for the skill these  artists display when creating; especially at the time the art was created.

Do you prefer meeting with prospect buyers or staying behind the scenes of your art?

When my collectors wish for a commission piece I like to meet with them to see the space the art will live.  I am very hands on and will bring various empty canvases to  hold in the space to ensure that the size of the canvas is appropriate.  I have even painted various shades of a background color for their approval.  If they was a version of a previous painting I have done we chat about the composition identifying the elements they wish removed or enhanced.  I am all about  customer service !  I want my collectors to be very proud of the art shown in their house.  It may encourage future commissions from their friends or the collector.

Tell us something funny about art that relates to you?

Art materials can be very expensive and  yes, going to a new art supply store especially if I am visiting family or friends, I will typically buy something. Those of my students that attend my art workshops know I use  many types of art equipment in my comedy routine while teaching.  I love to hear laughter and  when I do hear that I know they are listening to my instruction.

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